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a person talks with a therapist during an outpatient rehab program for veterans If you are a veteran who is ready to begin recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD), you have treatment choices. Take time to understand your options so you can access the right care model for you. One of the choices to be made is between a residential program and an outpatient program. If you feel more comfortable with outpatient rehab, an in-depth conversation with a clinician at a veteran rehab center, in what is called an intake session, will help you decide what kind of outpatient program you prefer.

The range of outpatient options includes basic, low-intensity outpatient treatment (OT), an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP), or a partial hospitalization program (PHP), which is the highest level of care available while continuing to live at home. UpArmor Recovery provides high-level outpatient treatment for both men and women. Learn more about the options available to you in our outpatient treatment program in Mississippi. Complete our online form or call us at 855.211.5537.

The Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Center for Veterans

Many people prefer outpatient rehab because it provides the flexibility to continue living at home, attending school, or going to work. Outpatient may be perfect for you if you want to receive quality, evidence-based treatment while also keeping up with responsibilities and relationships and being supported by family and others in your home support network. 

Some benefits of OT include:

  • Your home – The comfort of coming home to your space after a day of rehab, whether you are in a regular OT or a high-intensity outpatient program, can be healing in itself. If you are ready to commit to addiction treatment but want to sleep in your own bed, outpatient rehab may be ideal.
  • Your people – Outpatient treatment for veterans requires a strong and trustworthy support network. If your family and friends will commit to supporting you in your recovery journey, maintain a substance-free home environment, and provide you with the compassion and safe space that will help you recover, you will be able to get the benefits of that caring support as well as professional rehab.
  • Staying involved in life – If you have a job, are attending school, or are caring for young children, you may feel better being in rehab. This offers the option of keeping up with many, if not all, of those responsibilities that you care about. As long as you focus on your healing and commit to doing the work, living at home and staying current with your life is a healthy option.

Weigh the options. Discuss outpatient vs. inpatient with your friends and family or a trusted doctor. Seek advice from rehab professionals who work at a veterans’ rehab, such as UpArmor Recovery.

How Do You Decide on Outpatient Rehab Program for Veterans?

It is important to note that your care team will have recommendations for you based on the information they collected during your intake. Certain factors qualify you for a higher level of care, such as a PHP or inpatient rehab, and your intake team will explain their recommendations. It is also possible to start in a program that offers a high level of care and step down into another program. Many people who engage in residential treatment or a drug detox program, for example, end their rehab with a stint in an OP as they ease toward sober, post-rehab life. 

In partnership with trustworthy, experienced professionals, you will make the decision that is right for you. Reach out to the staff at an outpatient rehab program for veterans, such as UpArmor Recovery. Ask questions and meet with professionals who can talk with you about your history and challenges. They can make recommendations about the best options for you.

UpArmor Recovery: Outpatient Treatment Program in Mississippi

We provide outpatient treatment in Mississippi for veterans in a safe setting where you will be surrounded by peers and professionals who understand the journey you are on.

To learn more about the evidence-based substance abuse treatments we offer, our focus on your mental and physical health, and the outpatient program offerings you can access at UpArmor Recovery, call 855.211.5537 today or use this online form to reach out.