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PTSD Treatment Programs

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects civilians, and service members alike, but veterans can face some unique challenges surrounding PTSD and acclimating to civilian life. Fortunately, UpArmor Recovery offers specialized PTSD treatment programs for veterans to help them manage their symptoms, learn new ways to cope with stress, and transition back into civilian life.

We understand that no two veterans are alike and strive to offer customized treatments for every client. Contact us at 855.211.5537 to learn more about our PTSD treatment for veterans in Mississippi.

PTSD Treatment for Veterans in MS

Our comprehensive PTSD treatment program for veterans includes evidence-based therapeutic interventions that focus on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, skills training, and trauma processing. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is also available in this program. Through individual, group, and family counseling sessions, veterans can get the treatment they need to address their PTSD symptoms.

Some of the treatment programs you can expect at UpArmor Recovery include:

These outpatient programs are designed to help veterans get the support they need to cope with their PTSD and tackle daily challenges. We also provide services like housing assistance, sober housing, job placement assistance, peer recovery groups, educational classes and seminars, and holistic activities like yoga and meditation.

Co-Occurring Conditions

You may wonder, what are co-occurring conditions? Co-occurring conditions are when a person suffers from both an addiction and a mental health disorder simultaneously. UpArmor Recovery offers comprehensive treatment for co-occurring conditions like PTSD and substance abuse. If you are struggling with both issues, we can provide you with the help you need to address both your mental health and addiction concerns.

PTSD symptoms can include:

  • Flashbacks or nightmares
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling on edge or jumpy
  • Avoidance of people, places, and activities
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Irritability or outbursts of anger

If you are suffering from these symptoms, don’t wait to get help. Reach out to UpArmor Recovery today and learn more about our PTSD treatment program for veterans.

PTSD and Addiction Treatment

Addiction and PTSD often go hand-in-hand. Often, one uses substances to cope with the symptoms of PTSD. This can lead to a cyclical pattern of substance abuse and trauma. At UpArmor Recovery, we understand the complex relationship between addiction and PTSD. That’s why we offer specialized treatment tailored to treat both conditions.

Our integrated approach to addiction and PTSD treatment includes individualized therapy plans that focus on the underlying causes of substance abuse. We also provide trauma-informed care in a supportive environment. Our goal is to help veterans overcome addiction and learn to cope with the symptoms of PTSD.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and PTSD, reach out to UpArmor Recovery today. Our dedicated team is here to help veterans get the specialized care they need to recover and move forward with their lives.

Contact UpArmor Recovery for a PTSD Treatment Program in MS

If you or a loved one are looking for PTSD treatment programs in Mississippi, UpArmor Recovery is here to help. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique needs of veterans and provides specialized care to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. We offer many evidence-based treatments like CBT, mindfulness practices, skills training, and trauma processing.

If you or a loved one is struggling with PTSD, don’t wait to get the help you need. UpArmor Recovery offers specialized treatment programs for veterans with PTSD in Mississippi. Contact us today at 855.211.5537 or reach out online to learn more about our services.