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a person listens as a counselor takes notes in a drug rehab for veterans Veterans face a range of challenges upon discharge from the military. The many sudden changes can amount to a kind of culture shock. They are suddenly navigating civilian life after a number of years in the military, deployment, and perhaps seeing combat. Everything is different, from where and how they live to what they do and why. Although alcohol abuse is high among active military, illicit drug abuse is not. However, hundreds of thousands of veterans struggle with drug abuse for a variety of reasons. If you or a veteran you know is struggling with drug abuse, dependence, or addiction, consider professional substance abuse treatment for veterans.

Stigma and shame often get in the way of help-seeking among former military personnel who struggle with a substance use disorder (SUD). At UpArmor Recovery, we know there is no shame in getting help for the disease of addiction. In fact, we see it as a cause for celebration. Our veterans deserve to live healthy, fulfilling lives free from dependence on drugs. To learn more about veteran drug rehab at UpArmor Recovery and how we can support your recovery, reach out by filling out our online form or calling 855.211.5537.

Veterans and Drug Abuse

The experiences that veterans had during their tour/s of duty as well as while trying to return to civilian life, affect their mental health and often lead to misusing drugs.


Events that occur during combat and over the course of multiple deployments can be significant triggers of substance abuse. One of the most common mental health diagnoses among veterans is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For the significant numbers of veterans with PTSD, constant flashbacks, night terrors, and waves of anxiety and panic are the result of the way the PTSD brain stores information about trauma. Turning to drugs to mute these symptoms is understandable but dangerous.

Other Mental Health Conditions

Also common among veterans are major depressive disorder and a range of anxiety disorders. These, like PTSD, can be treated with medication and psychotherapy, but many veterans are not really aware that what they are experiencing is a treatable disorder and begin to use illicit substances to quiet their minds, which can lead to addiction. Veterans drug treatment centers can address co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Re-Entry into Civilian Life

The challenges of re-entry can be overwhelming and lead to drug use and SUDs. A few of the challenges you may face returning home from your time in the military are listed below:

  • Interacting with people who do not understand what you have experienced
  • Re-establishing relationships among family members who have moved on during your service and adjusting to those interpersonal changes
  • Trying to re-enter the workforce when your only job may have been your military career up to this point
  • Learning to create your own structure after the military, where the structure and chain of command is well established

Visiting a drug rehab for veterans is the first step in facing down an addiction that has developed due to extreme life stressors both during and after military service.

What to Expect in a Drug Rehab Program for Veterans

We offer medically managed detox to get you through withdrawal safely and with much less distress, followed by a number of rehab options such as:

  • Outpatient therapy (OT)
  • Residential program
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Women’s rehab
  • Men’s rehab
  • Sober living
  • Transitional living

Our team utilizes evidence-based treatments during individual therapy as well as group and family therapy.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Mississippi at UpArmor Recovery

Learn more about all the offerings listed above, and more, by calling UpArmor Recovery at 855.211.5537 or submitting this online form.

Peer support, therapies provided by experienced professionals, a secure, trigger-free setting, treatment for co-occurring disorders, and an individualized treatment plan that takes your unique situation into account—these are all available at UpArmor Recovery.